We Are Taking the #21DayChallenge

Nap time usually comes around 3pm...but yesterday I was intrigued by Dr. OZ and his segments on #21DayChallenge! Some participants trying different remedies for 21 days, and seeing how they've impacted their life/body....

We went around the room, and all three (PK, Terry J and myself) decided we'd like to try to give up something that we LOVE, for 21 days... to see how it impacts us! 

We got our listeners involved, they could pick the item we can not consume!


For Denise - NO BREAD

For Terry J - NO CHIPS

You see, this is already challenging enough, but to throw a curve ball, PK decided to add in one more factor.... if we break our challenge, its a piercing for Denise and shaving an eyebrow for PK or Terry J...

So the question remains... can we DO IT?!!! 

With National Pizza Day today... I think I may already lose :( - Denise

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