Justice For Jeni?

My buddy Shmeeze has been trying to win the 500 bucks with Pranks on the 50's since day one. The problem? He:

1. Is my buddy.

2. Doesn't live in Atlanta. 

Well, yesterday the girl he carpools with (Jeni) was caller 96. Thus my predicament! Do I hook her up? It's obvious he- called and handed her the phone, doesn't live in Atlanta, and most importantly... IS MY BUDDY (about to be a former buddy). So what do we do? Do we hook up Jeni? If we do, we would only give away 500 bucks twice tomorrow. Do we stick to the rules? What do you think? Tweet me at- @mypresidentpk with either #JusticeforJeni or #JusticeforAtlanta

We decided to ask the bossman...

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