What Are You Giving Up For #Lent2017 ?

We know that lent comes along every year. And every year you think you should give up something that will be difficult and life-changing...

Lent, today, Ash Wednesday and ends during Holy Week, is traditionally seen as a time of preparation for Easter. Part of that preparation often includes fasting as a form of spiritual discipline.

During the season of Lent, some give up chocolate, alcohol, caffeine. What are you giving up?

Top Trends for #Lent2017

1. social networking

2. twitter

3. alcohol

4. chocolate

5. chips

6. sweets

7. fast food

8. soda

9. swearing

10. complaining

From our Listeners so far;

JENNIFER - Fast Food

NICOLE- Social Media (IG, Snapchat, Facebook) 

ELLA - Fast Food

JESSICA - Soda's ... which PK joined in too! No Diet COKE for 40 days

SAVANNAH - White sugar

PATRICE - Sweets

Terry J hit the streets to find out some things that people would find incredibly challenging to give up! Here is what they had to say.

Although I am not Catholic, I can appreciate the  40 days of Good Deeds! - Denise

Leave in the comments below what you are giving up... or e-mail us anytime at Mornings@power961.com

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