Drake Admits He Can’t Keep A Relationship...(VIDEO)

While congratulating a couple of 7 years of marriage Drake admits he cant even keep a relationship for 7 weeks…. Awww... Drake don't be so hard on yourself... you are just hard at work! 

Jennifer Lopez spilled the beans to Trevor Noah on Monday's Daily Show...'Genuinely, did you get with Drake because you didn't know me yet?' Noah asked.

"Let me clear this up," Lopez said. "I am not with Drake. Maybe that's all I need to say."

Well, we can see that you're not with Drake. But are you with him with him? Do you like him like him?

Full Interview HERE 

Even though they wanted us to think they are dating this news does not surprise me...I mean Drake touring in different countries... and J LO... I mean she has two shows she is working on, her Vegas residency simply NO TIME for a relationship, at least for the time being. - Denise

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