It's True...We Do NOT Use Electric Kettles!

This is just the craziest thing I have seen this morning!!! I understand...using an electric kettle to heat water is what you do when you are in Australia or even in England, at least that is the last place I used one BUT here in the states, we actually use the microwave to warm up water and people think that is just cray cray !!! 

Apparently stovetop kettles are normal in AUSTRALIA but they find it so strange that we boil the water in the microwave here! . SEE !!  So many people found this shocking !! 

Mr. Reid shares that electric kettles are not as effective in the US as they are in the UK or Australia.

“The voltage of mains electricity varies from country to country: the majority of countries use between 200 and 240 volts, but a small minority (most notably the US, Canada and Japan) use between 100 and 127 volts.” 

You can read his full blog article HERE 

So let me ask you... kettle... or nah? - Denise

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