I MEAN COME ON! Angry Zaxby's Customer THROWS Fries

An angry customer has been accused of throwing food and even damaging a cash register at a Zaxby's  in Clayton County. The incident occurred at the restaurant in the 6600 block of Tara Blvd. on March 10.

Police say she was upset with the way her food was prepared.... apparently not enough seasoning?!?!

Now, Clayton County police would like to have a word with the angry woman whose fit was caught on camera... 

Now I am NOT condoning... but here are just a few videos; customers vs workers:

The workers are NOT taking it....

Not too happy at Wendy's

NSFW Language... just a warning!!

ANGRY at McDonald's.... actually gets OUT OF THE CAR!!

I mean there have been several times where my food didn't come out prepared as I ordered, like just yesterday, I really wanted HONEY with my biscuit. Asked for it, and pulled away... and NO honey! :(

OR that one time PK brought home Taco Bell... so nice and thoughtful, but NO HOT SAUCE. And not just that... but no sauce at all.

BUT let me be honest, this is just way too far! Or maybe its just one little thing after another and this was the last STRAW !! 


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