PK's Pranks On The 50's: The Glitter Bomb Prank!

The request said:

My awesome friend Lisa, she completely ROCKS. We have for years been glitter bombing each other, house, car, each other, my kids also involved in this fun war.  So my suggestion is you call her pretending to be pilot of a plane and just calling her as a courtesy to give her time to clear any guests so they don't get hit by the glitter you are going to drop all over the garden, feel free to say I have scheduled this mammoth drop of glitter and confetti.  Have your ear buds ready as she squeaks, hopefully she will completely freak out, ha, ha.

Seriously, maybe the best idea for a prank call ever! 

Do you have a prank call idea? The rules are simple-

-Keep it legal!

-Make sure they are the type of person that will laugh it off!

-Think of a killer idea!

Hit me up at:

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