United Airlines under fire for banning two girls for wearing leggings!

Most people go for comfort when it comes to flights, but if you're flying United, you're going to want to leave the leggings in your luggage. 

The airlines has confirmed they turned two young teen girls away for wearing leggings...

On a flight from Denver to Minneapolis early Sunday morning, Shannon Watts observed a United Airlines gate agent refuse to allow two young girls on the plane because they were wearing leggings.

Watts took to Twitter immediately to document the incident, decrying the apparent policing of the girls’s clothing and regarding the dress code enforcement as sexist and hypocritical:

United responded by explaining the girls were “pass travelers," or relatives of United employees who fly for free, and were held to a different standard “as they are representing UA when they fly.”

Celebrities began to share their disapproval;

So I do travel often...and typically wear my YOGA pants for comfort...

That being said, banning 10-year-old girls because of their LEGGINGS, is just crazy! 

Would UNITED ban this outfit above for 'PASS' flyers??? -Denise

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