Selena Gomez’s Message To Girls: You’re More Than An Instagram Like

Selena Gomez sits down with ‘The Today Show’ and shares some advice to young girls.

“I just hope they know that they’re worth more than an Instagram like, and they’re worth more than a comment on any other social platform…There’s so much pressure now, especially for young girls, I just want them to feel like they are capable of doing anything."

Global superstar Selena Gomez surprised a group of young ladies at a Los Angeles high school last week. On a mission to empower young women, Gomez tells TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones that she wants them to know that they are more than a like on Instagram.

Hand clap for Selena Gomez... growing up in a world of Facebook likes...Instagram hearts, Twitter retweets... you ladies are MORE than just a LIKE!! - Denise

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