Feel Good News - Home Depot Helps w/ Puppy Wheelchair

From Cecile Cardus --- Today we spent a beautiful thing! 

We went to Home Depot to try to do a wheelchair for the puppy was my nieces that recently is paralyzed in the hind legs, down some ideas from the internet and we'll pitch. 

An employee kindly approached and wonder what we were trying to do, when they found out they decided to help us and joined the plan! 

Met what is necessary and put together a chair for cookie with great enthusiasm and professionalism! Stay perfect restoring mobility!

Donated the materials and most importantly their knowledge.

It makes me think that every one is always the opportunity to make the world better. Thank you Home Depot Brownsville Texas to the managers and employees who participated making and designing!

@homedepot #homedepot #lovewhatsmatter 

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