Our Coverage of I-85 Bridge Collapse

We'll ALL remember Thursday, March 30, 2017 for a LONG, LONG time. #Collapseof85 ...

A few things to note:


2) We wake up at 3am...so at 6:30pm PK and I (yes, we are a couple) were Netflixing 'Love' having wine about to fall asleep for the night when I saw the flames

3) Yes, this is our apartment...so yes, PK in boxers and ME... we'll comfy clothes

4) You got it right, the infamous KIKI.

5) We know we are CRAZY, that is why I chose to work with my husband. Love him outside of work, and when it comes to work, we are the best team. 

PK's attempt at Facebook Live (before his battery died) ... always keep a charged PHONE!

Got some more juice, second attempt

Yeah... we know we were on FB Live and showing LIVE TV, which I am sure some could watch... but if you weren't in Atlanta, we helped you out. Also shout out to Fox5Atlanta

Beginning of the fire inferno... we still had NO idea what was happening!

The first initial reaction... yes, sorry I am animated... some swear words*

We talk to 'No Chill' Dan and begin our journey to the station... As we live closer, a little over a mile, it was going to beat driving or taking UBER.

I know, I know... nice TAN LINES... again, in comfy clothes but we want to keep Atlanta informed and happy through the evening of what we knew was going to be hours of TRAFFIC.

We had Alex on this morning ... he told us he was committed to driving...no turning back, hence this HOT video.

Another video from our listeners - we LOVE you!

Still a crazy on going story.... here are a few things we KNOW:

What caused the fire?

We DONT know. Yet. However, the Georgia Department of Transportation said the fire originated in a "secured area containing materials such as PVC piping which is a stable, non-combustible material."

Where was the fire?

The fire was on a bridge — I-85 northbound just south of Ga. 400 near Piedmont Road

When will the bridge be repaired?

“It’s going to take some time to get it repaired and back to service,” Gov. Nathan Deal said.

Georgia Department of Transportation inspectors are on the scene, and the construction crew that built the bridge has been contacted to look at the schematics and determine how long it will take to repair it.

AGAIN, no one was hurt, and it'll be MONTHS before repair...

Story unfolding will keep you updated! 


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