DO NOT Place Your Charger In Your BED... (INTERVIEW w/Wiley Day)

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THE WASHINGTON POST: God is truly amazing this story has made national news (The Washington Post) im so glad that Gods message is getting spread about how great He is and how no one but Him can spare our lives in addition to bringing awareness to charging electronics in bed keep sharing this so that we can get more people to believe in God and His amazing abilities!!!!

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I want to let you guys know that through all things good and bad my God is still faithful! I was electrocuted this morning while I was asleep I woke up thinking I was dying but when I yelled my Jesus name He came to the rescue!! The electricity entered through my necklace I was wearing and exited out of my arm. I have 3rd degree burns and I'm in a little pain but my testimony is my family should be planning my funeral BUT God! I'm trying to get out of this hospital though I have to get to my kids at the school!! I do solicit your prayers love you guys!!

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Please continue to pray for me guys I'm completely nervous about what's ahead I'm on my 3rd day in the hospital it's 1am and I've just be transferred to UAB hospital for my burns thank you for all the calls and text messages I promise when I can I will touch basis with all of you all God is so faithful PLEASE TAKE YOUR CHARGERS PUT OF YOUR BEDS!!! Love you all

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We spoke with Wiley Day and he shares how his dog-chain necklace acted as a conductor for electricity when it hit his iPhone charger and extension cord, which he keeps in the bed.

The above interview is with Wiley, and he shares that when he was jolted awake, he fell to the floor and felt his eyesight fading as his body went numb--which he calls "the eeriest, darkest, most demonic thing you could ever experience." 

Fortunately, and thank God, Wiley was eventually able to rip off his necklace and drive himself to the hospital, where he was treated for second- and third-degree burns! 

His warning to others - do not to charge your electronic devices in their beds. 

"It's not worth it, I wouldn't wish what happened to me on my worst enemy." 

Once Wiley has sent over a GoFundMe page, I will update that link here.

We are just so incredibly happy he is alive, and doing better.


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