Floyd Mayweather Weekend w/ Kids

Sometimes parent's overstep their boundaries at their kids sporting events… 

Floyd Mayweather is no exception HE was not pleased that his daughter's cheerleading team came in second at a recent competition. The event announcer even alleges he heard Mayweather swearing at and claiming, "I fund this program!” 

Full details from TMZ HERE 

That weekend we also celebrated Floyd Mayweather's son ZION's, 16th Birthday! 

Floyd gives son luxury car, star-studded 16th birthday bash...

The party featured a performance from Young Thug and included many members of The Money Team in attendance. 

His biggest gift: a Mercedes C-class coupe, the same model of car given to Mayweather's other son, Koraun, for his 16th birthday. The luxury automobile sells for more than $42,000.

The party also featured a photo booth, a money machine, pool tables and bottle service.

Ohhh man it would be nice to be Floyd 'Money' Mayweather kid! - Denise

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