ATL Stormtracker, Denise !

Let's start off by saying I am NO meteorologist... I do enjoy WEATHER... SUNNY weather, stormy weather, lightning, SNOW... I am fascinated by it all! Probably had a little something to do with my momma who was OBSESSED with Rob Marciano who I used to watch as a kid in Portland, Oregon... Here is a video, just because... 

Either way... Atlanta has been getting hit HARD the past week! Monday, storms, yesterday... EVEN worse, and three rounds of it all! Below are just a few videos and pictures I took... wanted to share them with you all! - Denise AKA Stormtracker Denise 

Driving home... lots of PUDDLES

Got home JUST in time to watch my favorite Daytime show.. The Chew ... but the DISH made it impossible.. I sent out this tweet ...

This video - HILARIOUS ... next time, I'm gonna take a page from her book an record my own Rihanna 'Umbrella'

A little sleepy this morning as I stayed up until 11:30PM watching these crazy lightning storms!

Hahaha - NOPE, not a preview of the Chainsmokers show.... I WISH!

That was all...but it was A LOT !!! If you have any pictures/videos... Please SHARE THEM! -Denise

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