First Woman To Officially Run Boston Marathon Runs 50 Years Later

Race day is here! Thousands of people will run 26.2 miles through Boston today, Monday, April 17 for the 121st Boston Marathon

Including Kathrine Switzer... this woman is an INSPIRATION !

20-year-old Syracuse University journalism student made history in '67 by becoming the first woman to officially enter the Boston Marathon....and today, 50 years later, Kathrine Switzer will return to the Boston Marathon. 

Kathrine will be at the starting line wearing the same number an official tried to rip off her clothing in the 1967 race. Captured in an iconic photo that turned Switzer into a role model and launched her career as an advocate for women's equality in sports. 

Now 70 years old and, with 39 marathons under her belt, this  will be her first time running the Boston race since 1976 and her first marathon since 2011.

Her bib number, 261, represents fearlessness and the Boston Marathon will retire number 261 in Switzer's honor after she runs the race today with supporters from around the world.

More Details HERE 

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