Man Booted Off Flight For Using Bathroom

I fly, often, and have to admit I am usually the one of the last to board the plane (THANK YOU PK)... and this is totally something I have done before! 

Meet passenger Kima Hamilton, who was heading from Atlanta to Milwaukee on a Delta flight. While waiting on the tarmac for the flight to take off, Hamilton had to use the restroom...and BAD! So he got up, and then was told by a flight attendant that the plane would lose its takeoff spot and had to sit back down. 

Now is where it gets tricky...30 minutes later, they were still grounded on the tarmac and he couldn’t hold it any longer. So he got up again... and when he got back to his seat, the pilot had already made the decision to remove him from the plane.

Video taken by fellow passengers, shows Hamilton being asked to remove himself from the flight by a Delta employee. As Hamilton tries to plead to the employee that he had to get back to Milwaukee because he had a field trip with his students, the employee wasn’t moved.

“I’m not going to leave you stranded here in Atlanta,” the employee said.

Hamilton told the Sentinel that everyone was escorted off the plane, but he’s grateful for the passengers who had his back.

“It was already understood and decided that I was a problem and I was getting kicked off the plane. When I exited there were FBI agents waiting for me with Delta personnel,” Hamilton stated.

Delta did refund part of his ticket and he was left spending three times the original amount getting a ticket on Southwest Airlines.

Full story HERE

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