Is our girl Hailee Steinfeld and Justin Bieber dating?

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UPDATE: Well here is the PROOF... this is Hailee's BOYFRIEND... and they look happy to me?!

Another fan taken pic of Justin and Hailee last night

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Justin and Hailee we're spotted hanging out after the Met Ball Monday night and fans instantly went cray cray and put them together as a couple and that they are DATING. 

Apparently they met at a church conference in NY.  

Now personally - I do not believe they are dating, but maybe a collab or something... I mean Justin has been on a few hot  records in the last few weeks... and Hailee too, also working on her album... or HEY, just friends hanging out? Can't that happen anymore? -Denise

The beautiful @haileesteinfeld took a moment to stop by and say hello! Be sure to catch her live tonight at Chastain Park!

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