PK In The Mornings Shaky Beats 2017 Festival Survival Guide!

Shaky Beats weekend is upon us, and PK in the Mornings buddy Elia is here this weekend from out of town to attend the much anticipated Shaky Beats EDM festival. Elia travels quite a bit to many music festivals so we asked him to put together an itinerary of the things he is looking forward to seeing this weekend.If you have never been to this festival here is a road map from an experienced festival goer to survive the 3 day festival and get to see some of the best Shaky Beats has to offer!

A side note; we travel to Festivals A LOT together ... here is our buddy Elia's review for Shaky Beats 2017 ...


3:45 – 4:30

Ekali @ Peachtree stage

Guy is from Chicago and rips it up, usually a great mix of trap and could very well blow up one day


6:30 – 7:30

Alison Wonderland @ peachtree stage

Because duh.


7:30- 8 :30

The Knocks @ Ponce de Leon

These dudes are awesome, kind of a cleaner sound, sort of like tropical house but not so much in the tropics if that makes any sense


8:00 – 9:00

RL Grime @ Peachtree stage

MUST SEE, this will be the set of the night and should have been the closer because RL Grime is a G and always brings the heat from start to finish.

Don’t miss it if you’re at the Knocks stage, gotta leave early


9:30 – 11

GRiZ at Peachtree stage

Never seen him live, his sound reminds me of the Black Keys but with an electric sound. Lots of vocals and guitars and shit, from what I’ve heard anyway. Check him out and report back…but you’ll likely be asleep by now.




I honestly don’t know who anyone is until Slushii at 5:00


5:00 – 6:00

Slushii at Peachtree Stage

I saw him once and I’d give him a 6 out of 10, which is odd because I really like a lot of his music. Thought his live show was just meh, he cuts to really hard beats too often for me. What I mean by that is he’ll play some decent jams and when the beat is about to drop he’ll abruptly switch to hard house—just think loud annoying sound without a real beat. Could be different though.


6:30 – 7:30

Gramatik @ Peachtree stage

His sound reminds me of an old school hip hop mix tossed together with maybe a flume sound.


8:00 – 9:00

Flosstadamus @ peachtree stage

Two white dudes that sound like the opposite, they smoke weed and so do their fans, heavy trap influence and lots of fun to watch.


8:30 – 9:30

Galantis @ Piedmont

They’re decent but I have a personal vendetta with them because they played for like 30 minutes in Chicago once after Lollapalooza at a sky bar that we were at and bought a table for and these clowns played like 5 songs and dipped out. They also have jackets with cats on them. I don’t like cat people but you might like it.


9:30 – 11

Kaskade @ peachtree

He’s a super star, dude’s been around for a bit and there’s a reason people love him.

I’m sure it’ll be a great time but you’ll probably be asleep or eating pizza

Side note, he’s Mormon




I’d skip this whole day unless I was bored or it was beautiful outside and I wanted to have a few beers. I’m sure there’ll be some good shows here, Lost kings at 5pm are a fun duo, Girl Talk is decent, and Zeds Dead is middle of the pack. I’m so over the chainsmokers—stop singing on your own songs! You’re not a $#^% singer, make music and let people that can actually sing, sing on your songs. Plus they all sound the same now and by the same I mean they all sound like shit. However they are a fire show live so…maybe go see them except you can’t because it’s too late for you and you’ll likely be in bed by now or eating pizza.


I’d set up at Peachtree with a blanket and cooler of beers and chill there the whole time.



Well you know I am crazy/slightly obsessed with my boys DREW and ALEX of 'The Chainsmokers' we've had a countdown for some time now ....

One of my ABSOLUTE favorite things to do to 'pre party' for FESTIVALS is a breakfast taco bar... and MIMOSA bar! We'll do it again SUNDAY!!

A few of our recap festival videos!

And in Houston;

Be sure to also come back to next week to see some of our adventures at Shaky Beats 2017!

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