Shaky Beats 2017 RECAP!

Shaky Beats 2017 is officially in the BOOKS!  And WOW, was it a-m-a-z-i-n-g !!! 

PK's favorite of the entire lineup was Alison Wonderland... playing at 6:30 so we had to hustle!

Night ONE PK was wearing a black and white long sleeve shirt... I tried to keep up but he has quick legs! 

Day TWO was kicked off at the Greenhouse with Heineken... Ran into Maddox and party began!

Slushii put on an amazing set, we chatted about his favorite place he's been on tour, and highly recommends TOKYO ! 

Patrick and I are both DIEHARD fans of The Chainsmokers...! 

If you were at Shaky Beats, we want to see! Share your pictures/ videos with us!! 

The fact that 'The Chainsmokers' had shows Friday, Saturday nights and closed out the fest with an incredible set then jetted off to Las Vegas is NUTS! These guys have so much energy, play music that makes you feel happy! At least in my opinion!! Lots of LOVE! - Denise

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