Top News Stories 5.31.17

Earlier this morning a car bomb detonated near foreign embassies in Kabul, Afghanistan. At this moment it was confirmed; killing at least 80 and wounding over 350. 

I know, I know... we are the 'Peach State' but due to the overly warm winter and a hard freeze earlier this year nearly 80% of the crops were wiped out !


Everyone is trying to define President Trump's late night 'covfefe' tweet.

THE PRESIDENT JUST TWEETED OUT - ‘Who can figure out the true meaning of "covfefe" ???  Enjoy! ‘ —  Personally I’m lost !

It's officially 'Spelling Bee' week and GOOGLE TRENDS has mapped out the top "how to spell" searches by state … for us in GEORGIA - its GRAY 

Not unreasonable if you ask me! GREY OR GRAY? 


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