What Brought Missing Charlie and Theo Home??

Charlie and Theo went missing on a walk and of course the family was distraught. 

More than 120 people and two drones answered the call to find the stranded doggies, but NO LUCK. After 96 hours of searching, as a last resort the family decided to cook sausages at the spot where the dogs were last seen... and as you can see, they returned!! 

A Facebook page was also created where Liz (momma of the two) writes;

'Going to write a childrens book about Charlie and Theo's Great Adventure. Many of you suggested it so I am going to give it a go. Just a simple story about our dad and his lad, a little drama, a lot of searching and a wonderful, almost comedy ending. From the outside looking in it's an interesting enough tale. If I can get it published profits will be to charitable causes involved in the quest to bring our much loved hounds home. Keep you posted...and still they sleep.' 

This just warms my heart so much!!! -Denise 

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