America's Got Talent Recap

Not a shock that I am in LOVE with 'America's Got Talent' ... watch every single Tuesday night; even post on InstaStories on @PowerATL !! 

Quick recap -- Heidi Klum and judges were joined by her ex-husband Seal, for the last episode of 'Judge Cuts'… this again begins with 20 acts, and narrows it down to 7.

My personal top faves —-DaNell and Greater Works which is a 42-person choir… 

Pompeyo Family Dogs... hysterical !  

Now Johnny Manuel was known in his younger days as Lil' Johnny. Previously toured with *NYSYNC... It was a bit crazy because all of the judges including myself LOVED him, except for Simon ... Though Simon was having an 'off' day... mean to everyone, he did give Johnny a second chance, this is when Seal hit his golden buzzer!!!  

AND my fave-Kechi, remember her as the horrible plane crash survivor who turned to music to deal with her pain both physically and emotionally… 

Tears, laughs, entertainment which is why I LOVE this show! 

Can not wait; LIVE shows start next Tuesday, 8pm on NBC.

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