Bachelor in Paradise Recap

So last night part one of the premiere and quick recap here;

We’re introduced to the cast and the drama between Corinne and DeMario was just teased … it really didn’t show ANYTHING at all… !

FOR ME- really just wanted to see Robby Hayes; my fave (okay tied with Luke Pell both we're on JoJo’s season) Robby was brought in an hour into the show. 

Everyone asking #wheresRobby? .. he tweeted me!! 

And PHEW an hour in.. finally, he was here!

Robby had a fun little date with Raven, I thought they'd be great together, however Raven really didn't want a guy who had better skin and abs (her words, not mine!)

With 5 minutes left is where they showed Corinne and DeMario being pulled away. 

Everyone confused and then the cameramen put their cameras down and the crew disappeared…and that was where things ended. 

The incident will be discussed in part two of the premiere tonight .... so to be continued.

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