How The Heck Did Denise's Phone Become FROZEN---?

posted by Denise - 

I'm sorry @dkpower961 for literally FREEZING your phone!!! 😂😂😂

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It all started as an innocent dance party...PK thought it would be a great idea to film a video..having it end in the freezer... as you can see, that did not go over very well! 

‪1. $1000 to pay your bills (every hour) starts again Monday at 6am.‬ ‪2. Yes, @talkingtokiki has a portrait of herself.‬ 3. It was done before her 'fluffy' stage. ‪#PKintheMorning 😂👌💪💯‬

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Though the video did not turn out--- we got an epic picture with our dog KIKI... and don't worry the money is "movie prop" fake money...!! 

Yes, I know many thought it was real! I wish!! 


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