PK and Denise Check Out 'The Lion King' ...

When I heard that 'The Lion King' was coming to the Fox Theater in Atlanta I was SO EXCITED!!

Reason being is when I was in 8th grade I went on our school trip to the East Coast--- first BIG trip and of course first time away from my parents. Our very first night we saw "The Lion King" on Broadway. I always heard of Broadway... and NYC and LOVED the movie so this was PERFECT! 

Now PK and I have been together for over 10 years--- he has not even seen the MOVIE (a shame, I know!!)

However when the news hit it was in town, I begged to go! And so we DID! With my ticket stub from 2000 and all! Okay...not all, I left my 2000 playbill at home.

Quick video of the night below;