#FeelGoodNews - Our Power Hero!

Congrats to John! 

John won our November Power Hero award for being the 'Most Thankful' kid ! 

John was nominated by his cousin Sarah and she shares; "John Schramm is the most thankful kid that I have ever known. John is not your average kid. John is from China. He was adopted by my Aunt and Uncle when he was young. He has multiple problems (cleft palate, does not have some glands in his brain, and is blind in one eye). Despite all of these problems, he is utterly thankful for everything he has. He is thankful for everyday things that you and I might take for granted. When we eat family dinners, he eats every bite and says thank you a million times. Every time he sees you he runs up and hugs you and says just how much he missed you. He has had so many horrible things happen to him and he still keeps a smile on his face. He is the most respectful and kind hearted kid I know and I know he truly deserves this."

We we're joined by the Knights of Medieval Times to present John with his plaque along with passes to an evening at Medieval Times, $250 to Kid to Kid, passes to Legoland, Stone Mountain Park and Children's Museum of Atlanta !

Keep being a sweetheart John and thank you Sarah for the nomination!

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