#FeelGoodNews - Our Power Hero!

Congrats to Sophie! 

Sophie was named Power Hero of the month for being "Atlanta's Biggest Reader." 

Her momma Laura nominated her sharing; "Sophie is 8yrs old, she is in third grade. Ever since she was in kindergarten reading was her motivation. She wanted an American Girl doll and I said to her "learn your sight words and for every certificate of completion you bring home I'll give you 5 dollars" In two months she had learn 150 sight words in kindergarten!!! Now she is in third grade and loves to read. She was reading third grade level in second grade, she is now in love with the magic tree house books, Julie B Jones, Judy Moody all books alike. 

We speak at home mainly Spanish, both my girls are bilingual. Sophie is so proud of her heritage and she even tough herself how to read in Spanish. She's just a great kid. Last year her dad was diagnosed with stage 1 None-Hodgkin lymphoma and trough his treatment and all she never put aside her reading, her school work, she was never behind and made it thru second grade by her self, because we had to deal with him being sick and yet she did just great in school was even the student of the month during our whole ordeal. She is just a great kid who loves to read, who loves school, who is very determined and exited to learn. We're very proud of her and that's why I want to dominate my daughter Sophie as the biggest reader. "

Sophie joined by her sister Zoey and mom and dad came to visit us in studio where we were able to present her with her plaque along $250 to Kid to Kid, passes to Legoland, Stone Mountain Park and Children's Museum of Atlanta !

Keep being a kind sweet girl Sophie!   


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