Pepsi's Super Bowl Ad Celebrates Michael Jackson, Britney Spears & More

Some of the biggest acts in the biz have teamed up with Pepsi throughout the years and the long-standing beverage company is paying homage to their very best spots in their new ad, which will make its TV debut during Sunday's Super Bowl 52 showdown between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

On Thursday (February 1), Pepsi released the extended version of their "This is the Pepsi" advertisement and it takes viewers through the decades with the soda drink. In the 68-second TV spot, Jimmy Fallon narrates the clip, bringing folks through the years for each Pepsi drinker. We see Ray Charles' Diet Pepsi spot from 1991. We see Cindy Crawford remake her iconic 1992 commercial with her model son Presley Gerber. We see Britney Spears offer that wink during her "New Millennium" commercial from 2001. We see Pepsi Max with Nascar driver Jeff Gordon in 2013. Plus, it concludes with Michael Jackson's iconic 1984 commercial from his Bad era.

"Pepsi has been an iconic brand for over 120 years now that’s always celebrated pop culture, music, and sports," Greg Lyons, Pepsi's CMO said in a statement via AdWeek. "This ad brings that to life. We brought back a lot of our iconic artists."

Pepsi Generation's "This is the Pepsi" spot will air in the 30-second slot right before the Pepsi halftime show featuring Justin Timberlake. Scroll on below to check out the 68-second directorial cut!


Photo: Getty Images/ YouTube/Pepsi


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