'The Review' - The Making Of A Hip Hop Video.

The Review is a new segment were you suggest different life experiences for us to try out. We take your suggestions on Fridays and review the experience on Monday.. or when it's done.  

So our good friend/unofficial producer of the show suggested we review making a rap video because, quote, "Rappers look like they have so much fun". As it turns out, making a rap video is a little on the complicated side, especially if you try to write your own song. So, we will be needing a little more time to do a proper review. So far though, 1 star (out of five) for the amount of work that goes into the process. 

With that said, here's a music video we made a while back featuring lil KiKi (our dog). Again, 1 start for the amount of work that goes into the process. This took like a week! I wonder what Kiki's rating would be. 

Here are a few more ideas for upcoming 'Reviews'->

 I’ve heard that helping people move is the worst, so I’ve always declined to help; what’s it like to help random people move?

·         I really like ketchup but some people say they put ketchup on everything, what’s that like?

·         Saw that insurance commercial where they call an agent and he pops up to save them, wonder what it’s like to be stranded.

·         Watched a movie where a guy hitchhiked across the country, no way he would have made it this day in age right? What’s it like to hitchhike?

·         Noticed people on the internet betting shaving off one eyebrow; what’s it like to bet an eyebrow?

·         Read about a famous guy that says the key to success is never really sleeping, only taking 20 min naps; what’s that like?

·         Does mixing pop rocks and cola really make your stomach blow up?

·         What’s it like to pan handle?

·         What’s it like to babysit kids if you’ve never done it before?

·         I feel like building a chair from wood might be cool, what’s that like?

·         How does it feel to live as a vegan?

·         I’ve always wondered if those pills at gas stations really work and make men/women aroused.

·         What’s it like taking Viagra?

·         How hard is it to be an Instagram model?

·         What’s it like to live without my phone for a week?

·         I can’t remember the last time I cried, what’s it like to cry in public?

·         How hard is driving an 18 wheeler? Seems awesome.

Have something we should review? Send it in to US! E-mail; mornings@power961.com

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