Billionaire Bill Gates Guesses Grocery Store Prices

I go to the grocery store at least every other day for SOMETHING... and look at the ad's often. So if you are like me you have a good understanding of how much common items cost. 

WELL-- BILLIONAIRE  Bill Gates joined Ellen on her show and asked him to guess  prices of grocery store items.

Mr. Gates guessed;

Rice-a-Roni cost $5, NOPE $1. 

A container of Tide Pods? Bill's guess $4, then $10, NOPE $19.97.  

Dental floss cost around $4. YUP close $3.78.

Totino's Pizza Rolls -- Mr. Gates says $22, then $15... and then $8! The real cost $8.98.

And lastly frozen spinach and artichoke dip by TGIFriday's ... Bill's guess; $7-- then $4-- its $3.66!! 

How would YOU have done? BE HONEST !! I'll put the boys to the test Thursday ! -Denise

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