VLOG Series following PK and Denise ... 48 Hours In Hawaii - Part 1

48 Hours In Hawaii - Part 1: The Los Angeles Layover

Denise won’t let me run to Best Buy (I would have made it), we learn that LAX is all about that celebrity money, almost miss our flight (nothing new), and get a little closer to spending 48 hours in Hawaii. 

As always, we really do appreciate the thumbs up/subscriptions. 

Camera used: GH5

NOT recorded in 10bit 400mbps because Denise wouldn't let me run and get a faster memory card. 

Lens: 12-35Want to win things? 

PK and DK- Always honest, sometimes funny, usually drunk. Doing what we can to... LIVE A GREAT STORY. Every. Single. Day.

Vlog Homepage: www.PKandDK.com

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