In Cocktail News -- #AvocadotoastCocktail

I mean its still totally in right---- talking about avocado toast? 

Well if not there is still a fine cocktail you gotta try next time you are in Boston--- or have a bartender who is open to creating you a new beverage.

Its called the avocado toast cocktail-- currently in Boston at a spot called 'Bar Mezzana' 

What's in it? Blended avocados, vodka, simple syrup, and chopped kale--- NOW let's be honest this is basically my daily green smoothie adding in vodka! Nonetheless- its green, its new, its hip and St. Patrick's day celebrations are here... so WHY NOT I ask?!!? 

May have to whip one up to do a taste test... for the REVIEW I say!! - Denise 

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