WATCH: The Chainsmokers Drop Video For #EverybodyHatesMe

The Chainsmokers new video for their latest single “Everybody Hates Me” 

The boys also include a list of the top things you should know about the video;

1. @rorykramer shot this masterpiece with the help of a lot of our good friends 

2. The range rover cost 2500 bucks that we blew up

3. @mattmcguiredrums drum sticks were actually on fire 

4. Drew held his breathe for over a minute to get under water shots

5. That is Rory’s actual Jeep we used

6. Alex had the worst day ever while shooting the band scenes 

7. We were drinking lots of tequila at the final scene of the blown up car (and yes that’s symbolism)

8. @olav landed the craziest bottle flip ever simultaneously when the car exploded (Video coming soon)

9. This is the most badass Video we have ever made

10. Drew used this video as an excuse to dye his hair blonde

The Chainsmokers go “full psycho"--as their lyrics suggest--in the new music video for their song “Everybody Hates Me.” 

The Rory Kramer-directed clip finds band members Alex Pall and Drew Taggart racing through a tunnel in an open-top Jeep, then trying to drown out the noise at a house party. For Alex, that means drinking his troubles away, and for Drew, it means literally going underwater. Later, the guys douse a car in gasoline and burn it down with a fire. 

The final scene shows Taggart with the same scary black eyes he had in the “Sick Boy” and “You Owe Me” videos.

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