Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Surprises Teen After Promposal

This is a total feel good celebrity story! 

Last week, a high school senior named Katie Kelzenberg in Minnesota dressed up as 'The Rock' and made a video of herself asking Dwayne Johnson to prom. A little promposal video if you will! After Dwayne saw Katie's video on Twitter, he shared a message for her that played on the intercom at her high school!  

Over on IG Dwayne shares; "Alright, let’s start this Friday morning announcement off with a little bit of fun and a little bit of excitement...You're probably thinking, 'What is "The Rock" doing on our intercom system...well, I'm sending a message to very special young lady." 

Dwayne shares he wasn't able to attend  prom because he will be filming in Hawaii, but that he's rented out a movie theater for her to go see his new movie Rampage. 

"I want you to go and have the greatest time! I rented out 232 seats!" he declares. "Katie, have the best time. Thank you for being awesome!"

Students saw 'Rampage' on Dwayne...and looks like they all enjoyed! 

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