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Ohhh Duryan!! 💞✨ reunited ... for 3 hours but 🤷🏼‍♀️

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‪Grateful for being able to spend the weekend back home. Happy 80th Grandma! I think we surprised you!! 😍 Also Happy Fathers Day to my Dad and Grandpa. Great catching up (though just a few hours) w/ Melissa and Ryan and yes good ol’ @yunoninja 💕‬ Visits home are always too short...miss y’all more than you’ll ever know. Also special love to PK who makes a pretty damn good partner joining me on such a quick trip. Love you all !✨💞

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After the show it's the after show! 

We recap our trip to Portland. Did Denise surprise her grandparents? Did Duryan get arrested? Has Portland changed?

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