What Would You Trade For Tickets to see TAYLOR SWIFT?

Taylor Swift is coming to the ATL Friday, August 10th and Saturday, August 11th for her 'Reputation Stadium Tour' and we want to send you there!  

There is a catch!

We still need to decorate our office and we are looking for cool items to put in there!  

We are NOT looking for the most expensive item.

It just has to be really funky, fun and unique!! 

Call us at 404-741-9610 and describe the item, tweet us @poweratl using #PKintheMorning 


You can email us your submission at mornings@power961.com

Winner will be selected at 9:40am tomorrow morning!

Good Luck! 

PK, Denise & Terry J - PK in the Morning

We will update entries as they are submitted! - PK, Denise & Terry J

From Samantha S. 

I measured she is 3ft tall :) I’m sure she’d make a great addition to the office! 😜>

From N Lawson- This is more for my girlfriend than myself. So I have a 6 ft cockroach pool float. Now your asking why. I work for a wholesale toy manufacturer and distributor. We also outsource products from China. A few years ago we had a vendor try to pitch it to us. He thought it would be a great product for Americans. We did not. Well he still sent us samples. And I had to take one. I’ve yet to see it in stores, so it’s super rare. I hope it’s quirky enough for those T-Swift tickets. Thank you 

From Amy-  A pencil sharpener that looks like a train and actually works super well. I have another like it, but this one’s brand new and fresh out of the box. I bought it when I went to Korea ...I’m a huge fan and would be so grateful if the opportunity to go! Thanks!

From Blane - Looking for a funky, fun, and unique way to spice up your new office?? Well, look no further!! Here I have a spectacular Yamaha keyboard! Feeling creative? Bored? Or even stressed? Problem solved!!! This magical machine of marvel will even make your Monday's more merry! All you have to do is hand over those tickets, and it's all yours!😉

From Maddie J. - I have an exclusive Taylor Swift Reputation shadow box that would be PERFECT for your office! There are only 110 in the world! It has an autographed piece of the floor and exclusive photo from her "Look What You Made Me Do" music video! She walked and sweated on this floor 😍 Funky from the sweat, fun because who doesn’t love Taylor Swift, and unique because there are only 109 others like it in the world! I will trade it for 4 tickets to one of her shows this weekend! 😊

From Julia O. - Ok I’ve got a few items that could be yours if you wanted to give me Taylor swift tickets I want to take my 14 year old cousin!!!!Item 

1.) Gibby from iCarly Tapestry          

How’s that for a conversation starter? This fabulous item could be yours for the cost of two Taylor swift tickets.

From Maria - This is my item is a mug that my little sister design for me, just because I was homesick and also comes from Mexico, so its really special.

From Elmer - WWE 'New Day' collectible figure

From Victoria E. - This record player would make a great decorationI will trade it for Taylor tickets.

From Anna S - What’s up Power 96.1??? So you guys are asking for a weird, cool item in exchange for some T-Swizzle tickets! Well I think you are in luck! I happen to own something pretty rad. In exchange for some Taylor Swift Tickets, I will give you a golden statue of a bulldog on a skateboard!! I think that’s pretty worthy of some tickets haha! Let me know what you think!!  

From Hattie R... a hippo of some sort!?

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