Sweet Jaidyn, Beyonce’s Biggest Fan Has Her Dreams Come TRUE!

Friday morning we spoke with mother of sweet 10-year-old Jaidyn Cross. Jaidyn is a Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta heart transplant recipient.  Her ONE dream was to be 'On The Run' with her favorite singer Beyoncé. Jaidyn has been through quite the medical journey and dreams of attending her first-ever concert this weekend at the OTR II tour in Atlanta... so we got the call on PK in the Morning and knew what we had to do!! 

Happy to report back that Jaidyn attended her very first concert with her family Sunday night at Mercedes Benz stadium with her idol... BEYONCÉ !! 

We're happy that Jaidyn is recovering and had a fabulous time Sunday!! 

BTW- Check out Jaidyn singing her favorite Beyoncé song below; so sweet!

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