What happened to PK and Denise?


Friday morning around 6:15am I bit into a muffin and at the same time heard a loud CRACK. PK was in the studio with me and heard it from across the room! I held my left side of my face in excruciating pain! Immediately grabbed some ice and ibuprofen, as we had the show to do! That same morning PK was scheduled for shoulder surgery on his left side. 

It was in just a matter of minutes we both we're completely lost on what to do. PK and I lean on each other for everything. We have one car, and no family in town. I knew how important his surgery was so over my injured mouth told him not to worry... we'd do his surgery and then worry about my mouth later on.


PK spoke with my Oral Surgeon and he suggested a CT scan of my mouth -- ended up scheduling an appointment for the following day, Saturday at 7am. I thought it was just a small injury - no big deal, and with ice and time it would heal, so I took PK in and he completed his surgery.


Saturday ... 7AM ... headed out to Cumming, GA to met with my oral surgeon and get a scan to see what was causing my jaw pain. Keep in mind I woke up Friday at 2:30a... the crack/pop happened around 6:15a and I could NOT sleep during the night because of the pain... no matter how I laid just in agony...  find out that its a "hairline" fracture. 

2 weeks prior (8/24/18) I had my four wisdom teeth removed. My lower left wisdom tooth was super close to the bone and it wasn’t fully healed so apparently just had enough chewing I guess and cracked. ?? My doc said it’s not unheard of; just rare. Antibiotics and some pain relievers ... liquid diet for 4-6 weeks so if you have any recipes send them over please!! 

Now the good news- it’s not a full fracture which means I don’t have to have my mouth 🤐 and PK claims he'll join me on the liquid diet- so weight loss? 


Just rest and cuddles with kiki for the weekend!


Sunday was another rest day... catching up on classic movies, and officially day one of my liquid only diet... thankfully the day before I picked up some soups and protein shakes !


Its still quite painful to speak so PK called in the troops and our boss, #NoChill Dan, Lauren and Maddox all joined in this morning to cover reports ... please note how PK is supposed to be in his SLING but claims he can't edit anything with it on ...


No Chill Dan comes in studio to explain why on Friday it was "the greatest radio he's ever heard" in his 20 years in the business... he claims a true "Titanic" moment as PK and I go back and forth on if PK should get his surgery done... or if I should be seen for my jaw injury...  in the end PK got his surgery Friday, and my injury confirmed on Saturday. I do need to share that PK was insisting that he was not injured at the time so he could move his surgery, I was stubborn and thought we could do both. In the end... PK was right, but what is done is done, and now we both are injured together... 

For the next few days PK has told me to not talk, not one word, just so I dont do any more damage to my jaw. We're getting a computer setup so I can type to speak ... this is going to be very challenging. 

#liveagreatstory ... right?! #PKandDK


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