Best Pic Of SEPTEMBER For Chance To See Kelly Clarkson!


It doesn't need to be perfect-  just a reflection of YOU! 

Send in your BEST picture YOU took in the month of September for a chance to see Kelly Clarkson with Kelsea Ballerini and Brynn Cartelli on Thursday, March 28, 2019 at Infinite Energy Arena!! 

One winner will be announced at 9:40am this morning (Friday, September 28)! 

Here are our best pictures from the crew!


And some of your fabulous pictures !

From Thomas - Visiting someone in the hospital, walked out to see this. 

Sometimes the world let’s you know it’ll be ok. Thanks!

best picture

From Austin B.

best picture

From Samantha, Our daughter finally got to come home!! 😁

From Faith! 

best pic

From Emily! 

best pic

From Leianne - My girls were playing with our dog on the floor and I was trying to catch moments of them getting along lol. My oldest screamed all of a sudden.

best pic

From Shanice- Last night in Atlanta best first date!

best picture

Sent in from Pooja!

best picture September


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