Best Pic Of OCTOBER For A Chance To See New Kids On The Block


It doesn't need to be perfect-  just a reflection of YOU! 

Send in your BEST picture YOU took in the month of OCTOBER for a chance to see New Kids On The Block at State Farm Arena on July 11th! 

One winner will be announced at 9:40am this morning (Wednesday, October31)! 

Here are our best pictures from the crew!


Some of your submissions!


From Nicole W. - From Here is my husband and I dressed up as Forrest and Jenny!

best picture October

From Holly S. - My husband and I don’t dress up. So here are our babies this year ❤️ 

best pics October
best pic October

Best October picture from Courtney W.

best picture October

From Kaitlyn S. - I was a sea anemone (good word for your word guessing segment) this past weekend. It’s Nemo’s home.

best picture October

Sent in from Lauren T .- Both my kids chose their own costumes. While hilarious, the little one can go approximately 7 minutes before losing it; taking off the costume; crying; and then putting it back on. At least I could get her a part time job outside a Boost Mobile or Jim Ellis. 

Here she is killing it at her lemonade stand...

best picture October

This is my son Austin at our church over the weekend. He is Rex the Dino from Fortnite. Happy Halloween! -Aimee

best picture October

Sent in from Rebecca W. - My sweet family on our weekend trip to the north Georgia mountains. We just enjoyed a local Oktoberfest. I’m on the far right and our children (all born within 13 months of each of other) are front and center. 

best pic of October

Sent in from Lisa W.

best pic of October

Here is my husband and I dressed up as Forrest and Jenny!

Sent in from Brandon W. - Halloween!

best pic October

Checkout the picture of the month winner from SEPTEMBER!



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