What Would You Trade For Tickets to see Twenty Øne Piløts ?

twentyone pilots

Twenty Øne Piløts are coming to the ATL Friday, November 2nd for The Banditø Tøur and we want to send you there!

There is a catch!

We still need to decorate our office and we are looking for cool items to put in there!  

We are NOT looking for the most expensive item.

It just has to be really funky, fun and unique!! 

Call us at 404-741-9610 and describe the item, tweet us @poweratl using #PKintheMorning 


You can email us your submission at mornings@power961.com

Winner will be selected at 9:40am

Good Luck! 

- PK, Denise, Terry J & Duryan 

We will update entries as they are submitted! 

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