Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Surprises ATL 'FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY' Screening

Let me start off this post by saying I am a HUGE fan of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (I know who isn't...) I have a cardboard cutout of him in Power 96.1 studio and he once tweeted me for my birthday!

Okay... on with the story... It was a typical Saturday afternoon - scrolling on my phone when I saw a TWEET from "The Rock" saying he was going to surprise an audience at his latest film; "Fighting with my Family" !!!

I put on my detective hat and noticed THE ROCK retweeted someones tweet that said he'd be at a theater at 7:10pm right here in ATLANTA...!!

So of course my stalker-ish, mostly for work, but kinda not self went over to check the time of the showing at Atlantic Station's Regal Cinemas and to my HAPPY surprise saw that yes indeed a 7:10pm showing for "Fighting with my Family" I just KNEW IT! Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would be making an appearance after the movie!

"The Rock" was just planning to stay for a question or two, but ended up staying for a full 45 MINUTES! He answered questions about motivation, and made a mention that he has been able to bring 16 movies to Atlanta. 16! Brought his sweet mom, and spoke about upcoming movies. Now he's in Atlanta currently working on the sequel to "Jumanji" with Kevin Hart, Nick Jonas + more. I do need to mention that "The Rock" not only took pictures with the crowd, he signed autographs and was one of the most genuine celebrities I have ever met! Well- technically we didn't meet- but celebrity that I was around. He was super kind to everyone! Very relatable and it makes sense why everyone looks up to him and feels as if they are a friend.

Thank you "The Rock" from all of us in Atlanta we are super proud to have you and your movies in our city! Oh, and please feel free to stop by the Power 96.1 studio ANYTIME!! -Denise

P.S. I documented all via social media, so be sure to checkout our highlights from the night via Instagram Story HERE

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