We Accidentally Land On A "Bad Boys 3" Filming Location!

Bad Boys 3

PK and I we're just driving Duryan home after the show yesterday when I saw LIGHTS, CAMERAS, and a helicopter! Knowing what we know about filming in Atlanta, aka #ATLwood, we knew it was a MOVIE! But which one? As you can see via our video below it took us only a few seconds to figure it OUT!

I remembered hearing that "Bad Boys 3" had some casting calls locally... and I saw both Martin Lawrence and Will Smith via their socials hanging out around town, so but two and two together, and BOOM it's gotta be it! A filming location for "Bad Boys 3" ! The film is probably the only thing PK and Duryan have been talking about and watching over and over again the last few weekends - so as you could imagine they we're STOKED to find they are filming right by where we live!

Will Smith Shares Hilarious 'Bad Boys 3' Rehearsal Video - Thumbnail Image

Will Smith Shares Hilarious 'Bad Boys 3' Rehearsal Video

Duryan this time put on his detective hat - and tried to get some exclusive info and footage for us!

He TRIED - security found him and asked him to stop recording - but we did get a few pics.

Either way excited to have all these films in our backyard, very exciting for ATLANTA and the state of Georgia!

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