Duryan Misses NOTHING - The New Hotness in a Cemetery!

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Do you guys like outdoor movies, group dog walks, stargazing, yoga. 

Well now you can enjoy these activities in a cemetery!!!

Philly's Laurel Hill Cemetery already has over 100 events in their cemetery which include performances from local bands AND you can even explore the gravestones while walking with cute adorable baby goats! AND in April they will hold an Easter egg hunt (... LOOK mommy I found a skull) 

A Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio - organizes a “Free Your Sole” 5K each year!

And here in our own backyard, Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery, is staging Illumine, a festival with craft cocktails, live music, and a mile-long light display designed by local artists and designers.

During these events, brings life to the cemetery's also they help raise funds for maintenance.

The only sad thing I did not find was a ghost hunting event. 

Other then that it seems like a killer time!!!


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