When Helping Out Goes WRONG - Man Uses Truck to Save Cat and Is Suspended

(CBS) Sometimes you just gotta do what your heart says!

A Verizon employee, Maurice German was on the job when he saw a cute little kitty that climbed up a telephone pole and to him looked like the cat was STUCK!

The owner of the cat said that he had been up there for 12 hours !! Now since the Verizon employee had one of those trucks with a basket and could reach the top of the pole, the owner was hoping he could try and rescue the kitty ... so Maurice did!

Once the story made went viral and his company found out - they suspended Maurice for three weeks.

QUESTION - Do you think his action was worth the suspension?

My take/ absolutely not! Maybe a warning... like hey you know we appreciate what you did, lets call the firemen first and see if they can actually help... but poor guy, a 3 week suspension for just doing what he felt was right? nope!

NOW... A spokesperson says Maurice misused the truck, which is a safety risk, and that's why he was suspended.

Verizon also doesn't want people to be mad at them, so they threw in that they aren't happy about suspending him, and they also made a donation to an animal rescue organization. 


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