Duryan Misses NOTHING - The Forever TP Roll

I got a lil, 2-ply ultra soft toilet paper FOR YOUR FACE!

(WHDH) Are you guys tired and fed up changing your toilet paper every 5 days (on average, studies have found) ...

OR even worse dropping a #2 and then reaching for the TP only to find an empty roll with a message saying; “where is your God now?” I am!!!

Well Guess what!! Charmin has a solution for all of us!!

Its called the Forever Roll! What is it? Its a roll of toilet paper that measures 12in in diameter and weighs 2 pounds and yes, its 2-ply ultra soft!

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE ...The Forever Roll can last up to a month! Imagine just chaining your TP only 12x a year!

BUT WAIT again!! There is even MORE !!

IF you order a FOREVER ROLL STARTER KIT for only $30 you get THREE Forever rolls

And thats all I have for your ...

PSYC!!! CUZ there is more!!!!!!!!

YOUR FOREVER ROLL KIT ALSO Comes with a (FREE stainless steal STAND!!!!!

  • With a heathy 4.8 rating out of 5, people are loving it!! 
  • My cats absolute love it!!!

And that my friends is all I have for your face! - Duryan

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