WARNING: Doing This in Thailand Could Get You The Death PENALTY

FIRST - PK and I are safe and no not facing the DEATH PENALTY ... but if your future plans take you to an airport in Thailand for a picture like this one ... here is what you need to know.

1) Pictures like this WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.

Simple; You will need to put down your phones and cameras !! Taking a picture at the famous Mai Khao beach / aka "Unseen Phuket" could soon be punishable by DEATH!

The portion of the beach near the airport’s runway has become so popular with IG models and tourists and its distracting the pilots!!! Most people head here to pose and post pics with the landing planes... looks pretty sweet to me, and is very similar to Maho Beach in Saint Martin where PK and I just traveled to.

Oh and check out this awkward video of me trying to be cute... EPIC FAIL. Thanks #JetBlast !

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