Duryan Misses NOTHING - Potatoes

I got a lil' bowl of suspense and mystery FOR YOUR FACE!

(Washington Post)

Imagine leaving you house early in the morning. Its dark. you’re alone. You get into you car. You sense something is not right. You look to the front passenger seat (breath) and there, staring at you, is a bowl of mashed potatoes.

Puzzled, Jordan Lewis from Belhaven Mississippi, took her finding to Facebook and to her surprise other residents are encountering the phenomenon as well.

One resident was leaving his house when he almost stepped in a bowl of mashed potatoes. Another person found a bowl on her mailbox. Many others found a bowl of mashed potatoes on their front lawn.

The encounter with the mashed potatoes has the whole neighborhood talking. 

Was this some kind of college prank? 

Are the mashed potatoes mixed with poison? 

Why not eat them instead?

Why were they left at some houses but not others...and most importantly, why potatoes?

The cops haven’t been notified yet.

The mystery remains... what is the story behind these mysterious mashed potatoes, who’s doing this and when will the mashed potato bandits strike again? The Belhaven community says they are eager to find out.

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