Duryan Misses Nothing - Sheep Unicorn

Photo: Getty Images

I got a lil' mythical creature FOR YOUR FACE!

An Australian man named Michael Foster is a stock agent but in all his years being around sheep he had never seen anything like Joey.

The unusual sheep, Joey, has a horn growing from the middle of his head, giving joey a mythical appearance as a unicorn!

When Foster found Joey he was destined for the BBQ but he knew this sheep was special and had to be saved.

So, in true Aussie form, Mr. Foster offered two cases of beer, which Joey's original handler gladly accepted.

Joey now lives on Mr. Fosters property. 

Mr. Foster plans to take Joey on pageant shows and maybe even Hollywood! 

...I’m sure the kids will be very excited petting a real-life unicorn!


Photo: Getty Images

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