Duryan Misses NOTHING - Space Cat

I got a lil, dead Pikachu in space, for your face!

Cat owner Steve Munt wants to make history by sending his dead cat Pikachu’s ashes into space in a final send-off. Pikachu passed away in January 2019 from diabetes.

Now, Pikachu’s owner wants to “make history” and “secure Pikachu’s place in the heavens as a guardian angel of this Earth.” Pikachu’s remains will be launched into space . 

After orbiting around the Earth, it will reenter the atmosphere where it vaporizes “like a shooting star in a final tribute.”

A goFundMe has been launched, Munt needs to raise 5 thousand dollars to send Pikachus ashes in space.

 So Far he has not hit his goal.

Photo: Getty Images

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